The Best in the Field of Litigation Lawyers in Sydney

Our Sydney based law firm Foulsham & Geddes enjoys unparalleled respect in the community of commercial law firms. We take ample time to get to know the case and client so that we don’t deliver anything, but the best. Family disputes, wills and property clashes are among the diverse fields that we provide services for. Their commercial litigation lawyers in Sydney have carved a niche for themselves.

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What is Litigation?

Litigation is simply the process of taking legal action. Not only is this process costly, but also it is extremely time consuming. We understand the value of your money and time and come up with solutions bet suited to your needs. More often than not, our extremely skilled lawyers try to implement alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to settle the matters in a cost effective and satisfactory way. Nonetheless, should a matter proceed to court, our expert solicitors work to the best of their ability to ensure favorable outcomes for our clients.

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Our Experience

Our team of litigation lawyers in Sydney have diversified experience in pursuing and defending events and actions in the Supreme, District and Local Courts of New South Wales, Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia. We’ve aided our clients claim damages for breach of trust, contract and duty of care and helped consumers win cases for misleading representations of products under the Australian Consumer Law. The stakes involved can be as low as $400,000 or as high as $20 million. Our convincing cases have helped sway multiple trials in our favor. We have succeeded in fields like securing a employer’s confidential information, elimination a firm’s exposure to liabilities, pressuring trading corporations to pay their debts, negotiating settlements and the highly controversial insurance disputes.

We do not treat it as a business model. We understand that it is your journey, and we guarantee to walk each step with you.